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Screening Criteria

When it’s Time to Move,
Rent from Around the Clock, Inc. CRMC®

WE are a knowledgeable, dependable, ethical team committed to fairness and open communication. Around The Clock’s Leasing Agents and Property Managers are all licensed real estate brokers.

WE want the property you rent from us to be a place you are proud to call home. Our goal is to move you into a clean, well maintained residence where everything is in good working condition.

WE are committed to responding quickly to maintenance requests.

WE want to do everything we can to have a good trusting relationship with our residents.

  • Most of our properties are non-smoking
  • WE enforce residents rights and abide by the law
  • WE respond to emergencies
  • WE take care of maintenance and repairs
  • WE hold residents’ security and pet deposits in a security trust account
  • WE provide copies of lease agreements and move-in inspection reports
  • WE process security deposit refunds as required by law

The following are our screening policies:

  • Applicants must view the interior of the property before submitting an Application to Rent.
  • We charge each applicant or married couple $45 for our screening fees. Along with the screening fees we charge a Holding Fee that will be deposited (except cash) when the application is approved. If an application is denied the holding fee will be returned. If cash was provided for the holding fee there will be a two day delay to process a check request from our accounting department. Submitting a Holding Fee does not guarantee occupancy of a property until the application has been processed and notification of approval has been given by our Property Manager.
  • All persons 18 years of age and older must complete an Application to Rent and pay our screening fee.
  • Income requirement will be dependent on whether resident is responsible for utilities. If resident is responsible for utilities then monthly income must be equal to at least 3 times the rental amount. If resident is not responsible for water, sewer and garbage then monthly income must be equal to at least 2.5 times the rental amount. A copy of a recent earnings statement must be provided for each applicant. Income sources must be verifiable and inability to verify income is a reason for denial of tenancy. At least one adult must earn three (3) times the monthly rent as a monthly gross income. Washington is a community property State so we do combine a married couple’s income.
  • We will access credit and criminal background reports as part of the screening process. Current Credit must be in good standing. Established credit history (trade lines) not required for residency. Less than $1000 in derogatory credit required for qualification of residency. Unpaid collection accounts and a history of making late payments are reasons for denial of tenancy. Criminal activity is not acceptable behavior. Felony convictions are reason for denial of tenancy.
  • Rental History: 24 months valid (favorable) and verifiable rental or mortgage history. Valid rental history is a written lease or month-to-month agreement from an independent third party. Military housing will be considered as valid and verifiable residence history.
  • Applicants must provide non-related landlord references.
  • Acceptable pets must be neutered or spayed. A pet deposit or non-refundable fee is always charged even if a pet is kept outside. “Service Pets” must have written documentation.
  • Applicants are required to sign an addendum stating that no smoking will take place in a non-smoking property at any time.
  • An Application To Rent must be filled out completely and submitted with proof of income along with the required fees before we will process the application and take the property off the market. An application submitted with a contingency will not be processed until it is removed.
  • If more than one application is submitted at the same time for a property, the one that best matches the property owner’s requirements will be put in first place and processed. All other applicants will be notified and allowed to be placed in a back up position or withdraw their applications. If the applicant wants to be in a back up position his/her money will be held. If the applicant withdraws, all money submitted will be returned. A back up applicant will be notified if the property is rented or we are moving his/her application to first place and processing it. If the property is rented, all money submitted will be returned.

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