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Who Is Around the Clock, Inc. CRMC®?

Time Marches On…

Around The Clock, Inc. CRMC® is a certified residential management company serving South King and North Pierce Counties. We lease and manage single-family and small multiplex rental properties as well as provide management services for community associations. We also list and sell real estate.

WE value the Certified Residential Management Company CRMC® Designation we earned through the National Association of Residential Property Managers, NARPM® in 2002. It is awarded after an intense audit of the company’s contracts, written policies and procedures, forms, personnel training, practices, accounting standards and office operations.

WE are one of five Certified CRMC® Residential Management Companies in Washington State and 35 nationwide who hold this professional designation of excellence.

WE are, in addition to our affiliation with NARPM®, members of the Community Associations Institute, Northwest Multiple Listing Service, the Kent Chamber of Commerce, and the Kent Downtown Partnership.

WE support a variety of these organizations activities as well as many other community service projects.

WE began serving the public in 1990 leasing and managing rental properties.

WE added community association management services in 1992.

WE added real estate sales in 1993 making us a full-service real estate company.

WE started Around The Clock, Inc. with four personnel and today in 2011 we have 17 personnel made up of 11 licensed real estate brokers and six support staff.

WE require all of our Leasing Agents and Property Managers be licensed real estate brokers and encourage them to be members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers® (NARPM®).

WE require our Association Managers also be licensed real estate brokers and encourage them to be members of the Community Associations Institute® (CAI®).

WE have brokers who manage both types of properties and are members of both organizations.

WE award every member of our Around The Clock team shares of company stock after five years. They are also eligible to receive additional shares every three years. After seven years a share holder is qualified to serve on our corporate board of directors to oversee company activity and plan its future. We believe this makes us a stronger company and encourages our team’s dedication and commitment.

Our corporate board of directors is comprised of President Suzanne Cameron, MPM® RMP® and Vice President Mary Tungsvik, MPM® RMP® who started the company in 1990. Our Treasurer is Jenny Allyn who oversees our accounting department. She has been with our company since 1991. Our Secretary is James Emory Tungsvik, MPM® RMP® who manages a portfolio of rental properties and community associations. He has been with our company since 1993.

Three of our corporate officers have earned the prestigious Master Property Manager® MPM® and Residential Management Professional® RMP® designations through the National Association of Residential Property Managers®, NARPM®. They are Suzanne Cameron, MPM® RMP® President and Designated Broker, Mary Tungsvik, MPM® RMP® Vice President, and James Emory Tungsvik MPM®, RMP® corporate Secretary.

Here are some of the qualities that set us apart from our competition:

  • WE have a full service on-site accounting department.
  • WE maintain an Around-the-Clock Vendor Directory with qualified, affordable and reputable licensed, bonded and insured contractors specializing in all kinds of property maintenance and repairs.
  • WE inspect properties regularly for our clients.
  • WE publish an annual newsletter, The Time Keeper, to share industry trends, legal issues, educational articles, and company news with our clients.
  • WE are members of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service.

Regarding Leasing and Rental Management:

  • WE do not charge for our leasing and rental management services until we have rented the property.
  • WE have a leasing agent available in our office during business hours and on call over the weekends to schedule showings.
  • WE have a kiosk on the building with our list of available properties for lease and provide pictures with detailed information on our Web site as well as other on-line sites.
  • WE give tenants access to their property managers 24/7 in case of an emergency.
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Regarding Community Association Management:

  • WE charge one low monthly fee, unlike most community association management companies. This covers all of the year-round needs.
  • WE have space available for up to two community association board of director meetings Monday through Thursday at our office.
  • WE provide, in addition to the normal services, an annual training program for our community association volunteer board of directors.
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Regarding Real Estate Sales:

  • WE know which neighborhoods have maintained their property values and will easily rent or sell.
  • WE can facilitate a sale when residents want to purchase the house or condominium they have been leasing from us.
  • WE can help sell a property currently occupied with a renter because WE have an established relationship and can assure their lawful rights will be enforced resulting in trouble-free showings.
  • WE can assist with the entire process of real estate investment from purchasing to managing and selling the property.
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WE are knowledgeable, dependable, caring and cooperative. Our team is committed to honesty, ethics and forward thinking.

Our Mission Statement

WE take the time to give honest, quality management and sales service. We help people meet their goals with old-fashioned excellence by maintaining a high level of expertise.

Our Vision Statement

WE are a growing, successful, independent Real Estate company striving for excellent service with our focus on improvement through effective communication, education and technology. We are always open to new ideas and changing times.

Our Values Statement

WE consider the following values essential to our workplace: fair, open, honest, professional, respectful, collaborative, caring and fun.

Our Motto

“We Do Our Best to Ensure $uccess!”