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Association Management Services

If it’s Time for a Change…

It’s Time to Look at Around The Clock Inc, CRMC®

WE are a professional member of Community Association Institute®, CAI®. All of our community association managers are licensed real estate brokers and members of Community Association Institute®.

WE offer an annual service package for condominium and Homeowners Association Services which includes accounting functions from billing and collecting assessments and paying expenses, to maintaining and reconciling a checking account in the name of the association. We mail meeting notices, attend meetings, assist boards in adopting Covenant enforcement policies and perform regular inspections.

WE charge one reasonable monthly fee for a full year of services, unlike most community association management companies that charge for copying, postage, supplies, every item mailed out to homeowners and outsource liens.

WE assist boards with establishing policies that enforce the associations governing documents such as; late notice and lien filing, collection and CC&R fine policies. We provide each new Board of Director with a manual containing a copy of Washington State law, their Articles of Incorporation, Covenants Codes and Restrictions, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations as well as a section for adopted policies, for storing meeting minutes and financial reports, and legal advice from Greg Cromwell, attorney at Hanis Irvine Prothero, on Board of Director duties. We engage and empower our community leaders by offering an annual training program at no additional cost.

WE provide the following Accounting Services:

    • Open and maintain operating and reserve bank accounts
    • Invoice and collect assessments
    • Process and pay bills
    • Provide escrow companies with seller balances and set up new owner files. All transfer fees collected are retained by the association to offset new owner welcome packet costs.
    • Maintain the homeowners database and compare periodically with county assessor records
    • Perform monthly bank reconciliations
    • Mail delinquent assessment notices
    • File liens on properties with unpaid assessments
    • Schedule and provide accounting reports to CPA for filing IRS Tax Return
    • Assist with drafting annual budgets
    • Coordinate audits with qualified CPA
    • Arrange for Reserve Studies
    • E-mail monthly accounting reports to each Board of Director, which includes:
      • Cash Flow Statement
      • Balance Sheet
      • Budget Comparison Profit and Loss Statement
      • Delinquency Report
      • Reconciliation Report
      • Copies of paid bills
      • Copies of bank statements
      • Homeowners directory twice a year

WE are a full-service management company that saves you money.

WE inspect lots in homeowners associations, provide board members with copies of the report and send compliance requests to homeowners with violations. We track violations and fines according to established policies. If an association does not have a fine policy, we can help draft one. We can also assist with hearings.

WE attend Board of Director meetings providing delinquent and non-compliance inspection reports, copies of bids and correspondence. We answer accounting questions. We assist with creating late notice, lien filing, collections, and Covenant enforcement fines policies. We also require the meetings be conducted with an agenda and by parliamentary procedures.

WE print and mail homeowners meeting notices including the agenda, proxy, minutes of last meeting and financial reports.

WE attend homeowners meetings, collecting signatures and proxies, and providing ballots for Board of Director elections.

WE assist with insurance quotes and renewal, filing the association’s state non-profit corporate report and bids from qualified contractors.

WE have the knowledge and experience to provide the value and support needed to interact with your community residents.

There are a few miscellaneous services that are extra charge items:

  • Sending Welcome Packets to new homeowners
  • Copying and mailing newsletters
  • Extra copying of documents and special mailings

Our Motto

“We Do Our Best to Ensure $uccess!”