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Move in Fees for Rental Tenants

New Tenant Paying Move in Funds please follow the instructions below:
****These instructions are for First Time Tenants paying Move-in Funds****

Please go to the following website: WWW.HOABANKSERVICES.COM

Please select the “Make Payment” option on the left hand side of the screen

  1. One-time payment as a guest:
    a.You have the option of making a one-time payment as a guest using a credit card or Echeck
    i.Please note there an additional service fee of $14.95to use a credit card for payment
    ii.There are no additional fees for using the Echeck payment method. Echeck uses your bank routing and checking account numbers to issue an electronic check for payment
  2. Your association will be “AROUND THE CLOCK INC –OWNERS TRUST (KENT, WA)” Please type all or part of that name into the search bar and select find
  3. For the “Homeowner ID” Field Please enter as much of the property address for the property you are moving into)as will allow
  4. Confirm that the information is correct, if it is please select “yes, continue to make a payment”
  5. Please enter in the amount you wish to pay and select your type of payment
  6. If paying with a credit card you will need to enter the following information, check the box stating “I have read and understand all of the E-sign agreement and Authorization Agreement”, click continue
  7. Enter your Credit Card information and select “Process Credit Card”