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Real Estate Sale Services

If you’re interested in Buying or Selling,
Seize the moment. WE can help!

WE have a residential sales division designed to provide seamless service when you are ready to buy or sell a residential investment property or you are ready to purchase or sell a personal home.

WE are members of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. WE have access to many properties listed for sale and provide every sales broker in the Northwest with detailed information about the listings we have available.

WE have been doing business in South King and North Pierce Counties since 1990 so WE are very familiar with areas in our region as well as market rent prices. WE know which neighborhoods have maintained their property values and easily rent or sell.

WE can facilitate a sale for an owner when residents want to purchase the house or condominium they have been leasing from us.

WE can help sell a property that is currently occupied by a renter because WE have an established relationship and can assure a renter his or her lawful rights will be enforced. This results in trouble-free showings to potential buyers with tenants living in the property.

WE represent buyers and sellers of houses and small multi-family residential properties, usually 20 units or fewer. Property ownership promises long-term rewards, but often at the expense of a great deal of your time and resources.

WE can assist you through the entire process of choosing a real estate investment that will attract great tenants and hold its rental value.

WE can also manage the property and service your tenant’s needs allowing you to free up your time while it is increasing in value.

WE can, when the time is right to sell, prepare the property for its maximum profit.

Our comprehensive service provides you with great care for your investment property from start to finish.

If you’re interested in buying or selling, Contact Us and seize the moment.

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