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The staff of Around The Clock, Inc. CRMC® lives up to our Mission Statement, “We take the time to give honest, quality management and sales service. We help people meet their goals with old-fashioned excellence by maintaining a high level of expertise.”

Here are excerpts from reference letters of clients who agree:

“Aside from being a very astute business person, her biggest strength, in my opinion, is her people skills. She bridges effortlessly impediments between owners and tenants in a fair-minded manner. As a result, turnover is minimized and tenant satisfaction increased. The boundaries for both tenants and owners are clearly delineated so that confusion is minimal and the Washington State Landlord/Tenant Act is clearly understood and enforced.” Steve Anderson – Fairfield, CA.

“She is cheerful, hard-working and wonderful at keeping my rentals full, but most significantly, she is responsive and foresighted in taking care of maintenance before it becomes a problem. I used to complain when she suggested being proactive with onerous repairs and maintenance issues but have learned to value this attitude and approach when I compare it to other properties in which the manager waited for the problem to manifest itself with a tenant in the residence.” Peter Erickson – Seattle, WA.

“On occasion when repairs were necessary you found workmen who came promptly, did good work and charged a fair price.” Justine Richards – Des Moines, WA.

“We were both constantly impressed by the quality of renters, (hassle free), the longevity of their occupancy, the way you managed to find the best deals for repairs – the list is endless. We also truly appreciate the ‘prep’ of our A-frame to which we moved into last spring. It was a nice surprise after 9 years to see how well maintained the home was during our absence, which made our move back a lot easier.” George and Vicki Kosen – Maple Valley, WA.


National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)

Community Association Institute (CAI)

Kent Chamber of Commerce

Kent Downtown Partnership (KDP)

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